NTI NIgeria

National Teachers Institute Kaduna Nigeria

Advance Diploma Requirement

Admission Requirements for Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Applicants for admission will be expected to possess at least a Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) with at least five years teaching experience in recognized institutions. Proprietors/proprietress and staff of Early Childhood Institutions with at least NCE or equivalent and above and cognate experiences are encouraged to apply for admission into the programme.

Admission requirements for Advanced Diploma in School Supervision and Inspection

Applicants for admission are expected to be practicing school principals/Head teachers, in private and public schools, teachers, supervisors and inspectors in federal, state and local government ministries, Boards, Agencies and Organizations. All applicants are expected to possess at least a Nigeria Certificate in Education with at least 5 years of continuous teaching experience.

Admission requirement for Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

For Admission into the programme, candidates must possess at least a Nigeria certificate in Education with at least five years of continuous teaching experience in recognized school(s).

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